In Memory
Running Springs Soaring Eagle

Foaled March 21, 10 - Oct. 19, 2010
Eagle was a bay Tovero colt with baby blue eyes, dish head, level top line, perfect legs and confirmation. Pedigree packed with some of the greats all wrapped up in a colorful package. Eagles mother past away one month after his birth. Eagle was never the same. He never grew and thrived. We will miss him greatly.

Sire : Lucky Four Medicine Man
Dam : Fahsers MS Krystal Blue lil Jewels
Running Springs Curly

AMHA Foaled Sept 4, 2012 - Oct. 9, 2014 

This little guy was our last foal of the year, he is tiny and beautiful. As a plus, he had an engaging personality.
He sadly passed away in his stall. He used to follow me everywhere. He will be greatly missed.

Dam : Timber Ridges Wild Angel
Sire : Lucky Four After Dark Deluxe
Running Springs Ciqala
AKA Arrow

Little Unique marked colt, he was 18" tall at birth on Aug 9, 2014 will stay small.
Arrow never grew, he passed away in his sleep.
He is greatly missed.

Sire : Timber Ridges Velvet Kaboom
Dam : Mini Gaits Ivanka
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Southern Silver Star

AMHA - A43426 AMHR - 47534A

Star was our oldest mare that foals every year. She is a true delight to have on the farm. I never have to worry about any of my mares foaling out in the pasture with Star around, she will assist with all the deliveries.

Bloodlines Include : Mini Hoofs and Dell Teras

Sire : Southern Stars Buckshot
Dam: Mini Hoofs Sugar Baby