2014 Foals
Running Springs Chippewa

Foaled June 6th, 2014 19" ( birth height )

AKA Chip

Chip is an exquisite colt, gorgeous color. Small refined beautiful head with blue eyes. Incredible conformation and bloodlines Chip will be retained as my future stallion.

Pedigree Includes, Boones little Buckeroo, Double bred Rowdy, triple bred Gold Melody Boy, Triple bred NFC Rowdy's Eclipse, Little Kings Black Velvet, Reeces N Kredible Hawk, 4G'S Little Kings Alfalfa Pleasure, Little Kings Alfalfa Please, Little Kings Invader, Dell Teras Moon Man, Little Kings BlackBerry, Komokos Little King Supreme, Stouts Mona Lisa, Timber Ridges Cover Girl.

Sire : Timber Ridges Velvet Rock Star
Dam : KD'S Short Stuff Hawks Evening Star.
Running Springs Squaw

Foaled July 30, 2014 AMHA/Falabella Blend 

She has the prettiest head, bright blue eyes, perfect conformation, and a lot of personality. She offers a solid pedigree of outstanding horses.

Pedigree Includes: Hobby Horse Tonka Spot, CH. Komokos Little Husseler, Del Teras Pitch Black, Jff Rich Gift , CH. Little Kings Black Velvet, CH. Boones Little Buckeroo, CH. Gold Melody Boy, CH. Rowdy,
 CH. Stouts Mister Pride, Timber Ridges Cover Girl

Sire: Timber Ridges Velvet Kaboom
Dam : Jff Lil Belle of Windcrest
Running Springs Whirlwind
AKA Whirlwind

AMHA Eligible

Foaled Aug 13, 2014 Birth Height 21.50"

This young colt has quality and color backed by a very sound pedigree of outstanding horses. His Dam
is a daughter of Champion Bear Branch War Bonnett Feather 2 times AMHA top ten stallion , AMHA World Reserve Champion Multi color stallion a son of Champion Stonehenge Painted Feather that has 11 AMHA National top ten Championships 29 Grand Champions titles.

Pedigree Includes : National Champion Little Kings Black Velvet , National Champion Boones Little Buckeroo , National Champion Gold Melody Boy , National Champion NFC Rowdy Eclipse, Champion Rowdy

Sire : Timber Ridges Velvet Kaboom
Dam : Daugpatch WBF Bit O Honey
Thunder Pants
Foaled 04/18/2014 26.25" at 8 months

6 month old 25 1/4 Black and White colt. Out of my 28" Homozygous stallion Very nice put together easy to handle expected to mature under 30"
Lucky Four breeding Pedigree packed with some of the greats all wrapped up in a colorful package. Sold on AMHA Application . Coggins and Health cert. are done

SOLD, Congratulations April
Running Springs Choctaw

Foaled Aug 14, 2014
Birth Height 20"7" Cannon Bone

Dam: Running Springs Maple Leaf 30"
Sire: Timber Ridges Velvet Kaboom

Buckroo Breeding
SOLD, Congratulations Carly
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